Revolutionary Audio Visual Instrument

FREEAK an avantgarde musical and visual looping instrument, is Mr. Shirazy´s unique invention, which is going to change the game of playing live electronics on the stage. One of the main attractions of music has always been experiencing it live. The connection between moving and playing of a musician gives us a feeling for the emotions of the player; even if we don´t know how exactly his instrument (e.i. saxophone) works.

This has been badly missed on electronic music performances. The experience we have on live electronics is mostly some guy standing behind a laptop, staring seriously on its display! Till now...

FREEAK is gonna change this fundamentally. The singer and music producer Omid Shirazy put all his experiences on electronic music into his invention to push the borders on performing and improvising electronic music on the stage.

We will get you now step by step deeper into the world of FREEAK. The heartpiece of the instrument is a 4 track looping studio. You can play, record, mix and loop music on the fly as it happens on the stage. Through different in- and outputs you can grab anything you want; the sound of your voice, the live musicians playing with you, or even the audience crying and loop it into your performance. As we mention Looping:

Looping is THE upcoming discipline of live music by multiplying your musical skills in realtime. This means that you can record one instrument and let it repeat as you play a second layer on the top of it! So you can play a rhythm, add some chords, sing some melodies and so on till you have a complete composition.

Thanks to FREEAK, Mr. Shirazy can play solo as an orchestra or a band, allowing the audience to enjoy the “act” of playing, composing and improvising music at once, as it happens on the stage.


But this is just the beginning. There is a huge amount of effects you can use on the sounds you get through FREEAK. The mindpiece of the instrument is the „magical eye“, which allows you to put effects on your sounds just by moving your hand in 3-dimensions above it. You don´t even need to touch it, it works „theremin-like“ and looks like the eye of HAL9000 in Stanley Kubrik´s „Odyssey 2001“. You can even go further and play sounds by just waving your hands above the eye to play drums or synthsounds; looping it directly into FREEAK.

Ready to go one step deeper into the white rabbits hole?
FREEAK is not only a music instrument, but a unique visual machine as well. Mr. Shirazy uses at his performances FREEAK not only to create live music, but also to put it together with a stunning visual show. There is a bunch of knobs and controllers integrated into FREEAK, which you can use to organise, release and manipulate different visual clips, their colors, tempo and direction to mention a few!

As you can imagine, the combination of all these possibilities gives you literally inifinite possibilities to create and re-create art pieces. It is a mothership full of technic! But it has still enough space for you to put your essence into it; YOU are the soulpiece of the creation. And this makes FREEAK what it is: A real instrument.