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METANOIA is our recent contemporary dance meets live electronics meets visual stage performance. It´s about the digital cannibalization of our lifes. We overfed our minds with information and let our souls starve. Where are we heading to? And where will your heart go?

Featuring contemporary dancer Geraldine Rosteius and Carla Jordao (choreography).

Get some impressions:
METANOIA - pic gallery
METANOIA - live video


WINE OF SOUL New Album Out Very Soon!

We are very excited to share something special with you, that was up to this day reserved for a few close friends in intimate ambients. The collaboration with Daniëlle Uriël and her beautiful harp & voice gives this album a complete new color.

Listen to some snippets:
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FREEAK an avantgarde musical and visual looping instrument, is Mr. Shirazy´s unique invention, which is going to change the game of playing live electronics on the stage.
One of the main attractions of music has always been experiencing it live. The connection between moving and playing of a musician gives us a feeling for the emotions of the player; even if we don´t know how exactly his instrument (e.i. saxophone) works (...)



How to put together the right vehicle to beam a over 900 years old castle into future? I produced the music with some unique Santur sounds of the Exile Orchestra Member Rouzbeh Motia and made a visual concept, which is produced very tight to the music! Supervising and producing the visuals among my visual art partner Miss Gilioux.



An exciting new kind of telling Homer´s legend story; with a big band, visuals, live sampling, supported by the great storyteller Christian Brückner (Robert De Niro´s german voice) and last but not least unique solos by Dave Liebman (Miles Davis, Chick Corea etc.) and Frederik Köster.
I was not only responsilbe for live electronics for the big band on the stage and studio, but also for the visual conception and the live VJ performance!



playing with movies and clips like you had them on turntables! On this project I mix takes and loops of movies partly strongly alienated, some tangibly and directly thrown on the screen into a new composition.
I loop, filter, cut, scratch and combine movies, pictures and moods in real-time and together in the beat of the music. In this way I can create a special and unique visual scenery...
Further we take some original sounds and samples from the songtrack and let them flow into the set in realtime! As seen lately on Berlinale/Germany...



My alter ego as a visual artist since 2000. I was dreaming of „video samples“ since I made my first experiences with sampling at all. A few years later i found into my first video-synthesizer just learning by doing. Performances in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Berlin followed. The „visual music“ concept allows me to mix videos like a DJ do. Or to play clips like a pianoplayer on his keyboard! By inventing FREEAK my audio visual looping-instrument I was finally able to focus all my sound AND visualskills to one single point!