Mr. Shirazy & The Exile Orchestra


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Put the funk of James Brown, electro beats of The Chemical Bros and the psychedelic sounds of Pink Floyd together; and you will have a glimpse of what is awaiting you at a live performance of Mr. Shirazy & The Exile Orchestra. Like „ordinary aliens on intergalactic tour“, they bring space & earth together and take you on the wings of music to a place, where there is no space and time! Yet this is your party and they… (find the complete text in the download area)


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Pioneers of "Hi-Tekk-Global-Funk"

FREEAK: Mr. Shirazy´s futuristic selfmade audiovisual looping instrument

Modular performance from solo, trio up to full team of 10 artists incl. dancers and VJs.

3 albums in last 6 years and further EPs and remixes

Shows all around Europe from Barcelona to Dubrovnic



Fusion Germany

Achtbrücken Festival

Cologne Philharmonic


Geneva Mapping Festival







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