Lets Rock 2014

hi everybody,

hope you had a good start in 2014.

here we go with some brand new pix from our last concert in Cologne...

Special thanx to Gilioux Photography for her amazing images!

Some new pix

Hey people,

we have finally uploaded a few pix from Creole NRW. It was such a joy to perform for the people there, even if they have been obvisously a little disturbed by the visuals on the screen! special thanx to Mahan for the great pix.
Hope you enjoy...


Tonight we rocked the stage of Creole once again after a long time! It was such a joy to give back a little bit of what Creole gave us: 7 years ago i met some of my friends from The Exile Orchestra for the first time at Creole. Now we play and travel for a long time and these guys i don´t want miss anymore...

Thanx Creole; we loved it!!!

Music is the Key

I am honored to be featured in one the most exciting culturemagazines in Cologne!
Click the pic to download the interview (only in German)!

A night with friends from all over the world

We have been playing last saturday with friends from Valencia, Mexico and Colombia, to mention a few.

It was a night full of love, meeting old friends, knowing new one and different kind of music.

Check out Pau Alabajos, Josué Avalos and Los Bábara for more

Thanx to Eli for making this possible...