Mr. Shirazy vs. Pulp Fiction

Here comes the 1st clip of our new series... It is one of the works of my alter ego VJ Smo King called Cinema Remix.

Remixing movies by cutting, scratching, looping and coloring in realtime.

The track is also produced by Mr. Shirazy and my friend Guru Da Beat, an excellent producer and live percussionist.

It is conceptionally based on samples of "Jungle Boogie" by Kool and the Gang from the soundtrack of the movie.

Which movies would you like me to remix in future? Write me or leave a comment.


Mr. Shirazy´s "Weekly" coming up!

It´s been a while, but there are happening exciting things.

First of all, we have been in our rehearsal studio in Cologne recording a few sessions live. Not only the music, but also videotaping these little "private" concerts. At this moment I am mixing and editing it all together, which we will publish among other clips in the next time always on friday 3 pm cet.

push the button!

Mr. Shirazy introduces: The Exile Orchestra

In the beginning I was sometimes accompanied by some musician friends and my visual partner Miss Gilioux as VJane. This gave me the possbility doing also One Man Orchestra concerts, multing tons of sounds on the top of eachother, till i got this bombastic phatt sound I was hearing in my head!

But the more we played together, the more I get addicted to the sound of the cats, bringing more complex sounds and harmonies, little and grand melodies into this originally looping concept. I am still doing some tracks solo, as an accapella-tronica, but playing together is a feeling you never want to miss! So we had to baptize the child. Here it is:

The Exile Orchestra is born!

At this moment every member is from a different nationality! Any questions?!

More coming soon...

KEYBOARDS Germany on Mr. Shirazy

They are one of the biggest German magazines about electronic music.

I have been reading their stuff since I began with making electronic music, as I was 17! Now the circle is complete;)

Download here:

Mr. Shirazy inside KORG

Doublepage feature about Mr. Shirazy on the new KORG magazine.

Thanx to Jan Wollnik from Korg & More Germany.

Download here: