Mr. Shirazy and Friends at AZ Cologne

we are going to play a last time in Cologne in 2011.

Location is 2 doors away from our studio in Kalk Cologne.

Come around and have a nice time with us...

Images on Your Mind

I am proud to introduce you this week once again a new work of my alter ego VJ Smo King.
Finally visuals leave the flat surfaces and you enter literally a new dimension. 3D bodies are blown into live just like that!

Thanx to Miss Gilioux for her great collaboration.
Soundtrack from 23´s great album "Twelve"

Thanx for likes, shares and comments.

A Chilly Sunday in Kalk

Hi Everybody,

"Mr. Shirazy´s Weekly" goes on with a live session I had lately with my friends in Kalk/Cologne.

Santur is a persian traditional intrument, belonging to the family of harp. Played by special sticks and a huge rich variety of sounds.

Featuring Rouzbeh Motia (santur) and Armin Mostaed (E-Bass)

Wish you all a chilly sunday...


Gaddafi´s dead! And as usual almost all his "friends" are anouncing their pleasure about this...

Our world is ruled by lies, and we are a part of it, wether we want or not. So the only chance is to change it; by changing ourselves.

So we decided to make a report on "Mr. Shirazy´s Weekly" due to the newest development.

DON´T STOP! (the occupy version)

Don´t Stop

The new clip from "Mr. Shirazy´s Weekly". This friday "Don´t Stop" with footage from our tours through Mexico. Enjoy, like and comment, if you like...