Tsunami Club

Hey everyone,

we wanted to thank you for being there and oscillating the waves of good in Tsunami Club in Cologne the other night.

Finally -after this powerful but also hard- concert and my birthday at weekend I come to drop a line and also post some pix.

This concert was like a birthday party to me meeting my lovely friends on and in the front of the stage! And without every single of you it wouldn´t be the same...;)

Click the image below to get into the new pix gallery and stay tuned...We. Will. Be. Back!!!

Back to AZ Cologne!

After about one year, we are coming back to explode AZ Cologne again. I am excited to present some new tracks and sounds, also playing with my brother Markus Giesler (accordeon) and some special guests. AZ is one of these projects, which are important to our city, as it is based on an occupied buildings, with a lot of alternative culture. It is not easy to handle all the costs like rent, electricity and the self organisation; the team says. So it is important to support them and last but not least to live an unforgetable party again. Come over and be a part of it!

Back to Studio!

Lately we have been on the road in France playing live & unplugged in little cities. It was a real good change to the studio time in the last weeks.

Now i am back at my mixer with some new imaginations and wanting more than ever mixing the different influences of several corners of the world with my own innervision of sound!

Music is such a crazy horse we can ride on, if we choose the right one! But we are fed at home often with some little ponys from some gene manipulating laboratories!

Get some impressions from the "live & unplugged in France" by clicking the pic:

Onita Boone

today in the afternoon I was honoured to listen to the voice of my friend and lovely teacher Onita.

She worked always hard for the dream that is now getting true and i am so happy for her and her family.

So look out to hear a lot more about this sensational voice and great songwriter. I just love her...

Odyssey album released!

Odyssey Album,

finally i am holding this great album in my hands. we have been recording this last year after touring with Cologne Contemporary Jazz Orchestra, Mr. Frederik Köster (trumpet) and of course Mr. Christian Brückner - the german voice of Robert Deniro- as the narrator.

It was such a fabulous experience to me, standing with all these cats on the stage, doing visuals and a live sampling the horn section to improvise the sound of "SIRENS". Also knowing and listening to Christian Brückner was such a joy. Now you can bring a piece of this mood home by buying this CD...