Acht Brücken Festival Cologne

puh, what a night!

playing with Bodan Janke and some of the jazz cats from Cologne, we have been improvising jazz and electronic COMPLETELY through the night!

Further i mixed some visuals up from old jazz documantaries and camera livefeed.

The final party of this amazing festival...

Pix coming soon!

Being a Musician

It´s been a while...

To be honest being a musician takes much more time to organize than you imagine!

time which is actually needed to grow your skillz and imagination.

is this the real reason maybe that there is a lot of music without skillz and inspiraton out there?!

Back to Cologne...

after a heavy visual show in Berlin, i am back to studio and burning for new tracks.

In between we have been working hard on some remixes for the upcoming single "Mi Vecina" featuring Don Cholo, my friend from Peru.

Be excited, you will love it...

Introducing Mr. Torben Wesche

we are excited to introduce you today a new member of The Exile Orchestra: Mr. Torben Wesche on tenor sax will be playing with us at Coco Schmitz on this friday for the first time.

He actually is one of the owners of Tsunami where we have been playing lately! After a spantaneously feature at "Besan Berim Baba" and his amazing solo i was flashed and ask him a few days later for the upcoming concert.

That´s how the things should work ;)

Merry Crisis & Happy New Fear...

Just 3 days left to our "back from christmas" concert for all of you guys who stayed home in Cologne or are back from their family after 3 days of family affair!
The line up is kind of my favorite "The Exile Orchestra" Allstars;) The faboulous "Schlagsaite" are going go play an unplugged set as support.

We are going on with Mr. Shirazy & The Exile Orchestra for some exciting tracks from our upcoming album "FREE HUGS".
Afterwards there is a huge DJ-Lineup taking you to journey around the world of sound and bits.

The Exile Orchestra:

Josué Avalos - Guitar/Vox (La Papa Verde)
Don Cholo - Vox/Rap (Chupacabaras)
Markus Giesler - Accordeon (Schlagsaite)
Daniel Hermes - MC (Schlagsaite)
Armin Mostaed - Bass (Tapesh 2012)


Ali T. (Global Player)
Don Cholo (Chupastylee)
Danny Dredd (Schlagsaite Soundsystem)
Simmy Deluxe (Schlagsaite Soundsystem)
Mad Monk Morres (Schlagsaite Soundsystem)


Blausand (Silvertree)

Where: Tsunami Club / Im Ferkulum 9 / 50678 Cologne
When: 27.12.2012 Doors Open 20:00 h
Entry: 6 € / 4 €

So give your calories a chance to disappear;)
Looking forward to see You all,

Mr. Shirazy