2016 is here...

I wish us all a year full of love, inspiration and peace.
It´s been a while since i wrote here the last article. And a lot happened inbetween.
I would llike to use this area to give you some in-depth impressions from our work and ideas.

Mi Vecina EP

Booom! Ladies & Gentlemen! We proudly present:
MI VECINA feat. Don Cholo EP including 5 Remixes

Download the originaltrack + remixes for a limited time for free here!

Cologne Philharmonic

Thanx to everybody who made this possible!

With my friends Bodek Janke, Josha Oetz, Clemens Orth and many more.

Special thanx to Gilioux Photography for her great pix!

For more pix click the image below:

Jazz happens right now!

Today we post the first clip of our rehearsal room session. As an appetizer what will be going on in Kölner Philharmonie next friday!

With my friends:
Bodek Janke
Ryan Carniaux
Armin Mostaed-Bassist

Mr. Shirazy @ Cologne Philharmonic

I am pleased to be invited to play at the Cologne Philharmonic in a few days.

There will be a great night with my friends around Bodek Janke and some cats from Cologne!

For more click here: http://www.achtbruecken.de/

Or just get a taste by looking at this video: