Welcome to the website of  Mr. Shirazy & The Exile Orchestra, the pioneers of Hi-Tekk-Global-Funk!

Hi-Tekk are Mr. Shirazy´s futuristic, selfmade instrument FREEAK, their punchy electronic beats and their stunnig audiovisual performances.
Global are their sounds, samples and the mix of artists of The Exile Orchestra collective from all over the world.
Funk is the heat of the music you feel in your body, once you experience a live show of them.

Thanks to "FREEAK", Mr. Shirazy can play solo as an orchestra or a band, allowing the audience to enjoy the "act" of playing, composing and improvising music at once, as it happens on the stage.

At his stunning shows Mr. Shirazy is often accompanied by "The Exile Orchestra", a collective of excellent live instrumentalists and visual artists. In an uninterrupted show, Mr. Shirazy and The Exile Orchestra perform an exciting set mixed of concert and dj-set, interacting with the audience with sounds and emotions from all over the world.

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